To have an amazing time on the water!

We strive to create an environment that is safe, clean, and fun for everyone. We are passionate about getting people out on the water and giving them a chance to experience a sense of awe and wonderment as they paddle through beautiful landscapes. We are dedicated to providing quality equipment at affordable prices for those who live near us or travel through our area for relaxing trips.


We allow our guests to bring their pets!

We offer a wide range of kayak & canoes rental options for people who want to go out on the water. If you want to bring your pet, we do allow it.

You can stop at one of the restaurants that are on the creek or paddle to Harrods Park where you could have a picnic. There are also lots of trails leading through the park where you can explore some more beautiful scenery!

Why choose us?

The Ultimate Location For Kayak Rentals

Our wide array of rental options is one of the components that make us a unique option for kayaking in Louisville. Our expert staff helps you rent a kayak based on your body type for the easiest experience while kayaking Louisville waterways, or choose from an assortment of stand up paddleboards and canoes. Take in the peaceful site of wildlife as you paddle the creek and have a blast with your loved ones in comfortable kayaks.


There's nothing quite like paddling down a quiet creek as you enjoy the scenery of the wilderness! Leave the stress of your day-to-day behind while you paddle. For more excitement jump in the water for refreshing swim! You'll be sure to have fun in the sun as you kayak or canoe the Harrod's creek near Louisville, KY.

Family Friendly

Because our rentals allow you to choose the time you have on the water, you can plan the optimal day in Louisville with your friends and family. Pull off at various access points along the creek to explore the terrain with your kiddos, or take a break from all the paddling and enjoy a glorious picnic spot at Harrod's Creek Park. There's also a variety of restaurants that you can paddle right up to. The kids will love the versatility, and you're sure to enjoy watching them frolic through nature instead of being seated in front of a screen!


Kayaking in Louisville waterways is not only a heart-pumping adventure to have with family and friends, but it gives you an unbeatable opportunity to see parts of Kentucky you just can't see when staying in the city.


A slice of paradise Prospect, Kentucky

Nachand Canoe & Kayak Rentals is located in Prospect, Kentucky. It is known for its scenic beauty and natural beauty.

Here are a few facts about the area:

  • We have otters that live in Harrods creek as well as eagles that nest in our woodland areas.
  • There are several trails that lead up to waterfall from where you can try out different hikes yourself!
  • Our wildlife includes whitetail deer, foxes, raccoons, and beavers.

Frequently asked questions

Most frequent questions and answers

All rentals include Vessel, paddles & Life vest. You can bring your own life vest if you like.

Yes, all pets are welcome provided they are friendly and good around children. Life vests for your pet are recommended but by no means mandatory.

Yes, school field trips, youth groups, party’s, corporate events. Ask about group discounts.

All rentals are 4 or 8 hours long. If you are looking for a shorter rental, we do offer a 2 hour walk-up rental for those open to paddling at 4pm.

Call for availability.

No, Harrods Creek is know as flat water that welcomes all ages over 2 years old. The creek consists of over 14 miles of smooth water.

No, unlike some creeks or streams, Harrods Creek is always at least 5 ft deep.

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